Watch With Me : The Untamed (2019) – Ep 31 – recap

Things seem to be more stable in the mystical world of cultivators. Wei Wuxian seems well settled with his new clan of Wen clan survivors but after a long time he will be facing all the clan members again. What will happen?

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As expected Wei Wuxian is shocked and incredibly excited to attend the one month anniversary of Yanli’s baby. He wasn’t able to attend the wedding either, so I guess he’s super happy.

Unfortunately Jin Xi Zuan’s cousin Jin Zi Xun is not too happy about Wei Wuxian turning up that much.

He arranged a sudden attack on Wei Wuxian and Wen Ning and in between the fight the flutes full power is unleashed to bring Wen Ning to defeat all the people attacking them. Hearing the news Jin Xi Zuan heads out to the area as well.

However a mysterious flute sound comes out of nowhere and Wen Ning goes totally out of control. His pupil does this scary double splitting something – it’s creepy. Amidst the scuffle Jin Zi Xuan is accidentally killed in the scuffle. Whut.

Hearing the news about her husband and Wei Wuxian’s involvement, Yanli falls into despair.

Back at the Burial mounds, Wei Wuxian is struck with despair and starts blaming Wen Ning who is regretful of the same as well. He starts raging and starts regretting every decision he made and is in pain about the consequences of his actions.

Wen Qing quietly watches him and decides on what must be done. She uses her needles to immobilise Wei Wuxian. She then tells him about how thankful she is for everything he has done and leaves him there immobilizer for a few hours.

In that time, the Wen siblings have travelled to the home of the Jin clan to turn themselves in. By the time Wei Wuxian gains control of himself, it’s too late.

Takeaways from the episode

Aaahhhh. I guess that’s a painful goodbye to the Wen siblings. I knew Wei Wuxian going for that event was going to stir up trouble. But we are slowly getting to the end of our rather lengthy flashback that is for sure. Also note that the real villian is not Wei Wuxian but that Mysterious person who played the flute and wrecked havoc using Wem Ning.

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