Watch With Me : The Untamed (2019) – Ep 33 – recap

Now Jin Zi Xuan and Yanli are dead we are all but losing hope in anything good coming out this flashback. But I guess the flashback is coming to an end too! Let’s watch and find out!

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The fight against Wei Wuxian trims out to become an even uglier fight on who gets the Stygian Tiger Amulet. Seeing all the chaos he destroys the amulet himself, and jumps off the cliff.

We are back at the scene of Episode 1 where Lan Wangji holds onto Wei Wuxian who is hanging off a cliff. At that moment an angered Jjang Cheng attacks Wei Wuxian but fails on giving a fatal blow. Seeing that Lan Wangji could fall to his death too, Wei Wuxian shakes off Lan Wangji’s hand and falls to his death. This is what we watched as the first scene of Episode 1 so I guess we are at the end of the flashback after a long 30 episode run!

We are back to the point before the flashback – Wei Wuxian wakes up and finds him to be with Lan Wangji at the home of the Lan clan.

As Wei Wuxian walks around the Lan clan’s home he thinks of his many fond memories. At that point he notices Lan Wangji in the springs and notices several whip marks. He asks Lan Wangji what’s that about but he doesn’t get an answer. I bet a hundred dollars it was for Wei Wuxian.

The two then receive a report about the captured sword going haywire and both of the use their “musical” skills to calm the situation. They then decide to travel and find the reason for this kind of behaviour.

When they reach the village of Qinghe, the duo comes across Jin Ling and his dog – Fairy as well. Seeing the dog, a terrified Wei Wuxian runs and hides behind Lan Wangji. LOL.

Takeaways from the episode

Yes people! We have completed the flashback! Not that it bored me, but you have to admit it was a long one! I’m kind of glad that all that dark energy that Wei Wuxian is using hasn’t changed his funny and cute character! And we finally have our duo back together! Haven’t I been waiting a millenium for that to happen! And the flashback really adds a lot of value and changes the way you see the first scene. When we watch the first episode we would be quick to assume Wei Wuxian is the evil guy that got pushed off a cliff but we now know that setting was way off. Now 16 years later after all those events- how will our duo fix all the problems? Let’s watch and find out!

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