Watch With Me : The Untamed (2019) – Ep 45 – recap

Our duo is stuck with a lot of cultivators as they are being attacked by zombies. As expected they look like they are trying to turn on Wei Wuxian as they still believe he is the villian behind all these problems, bug Wei Wuxian turns to questioning a suspicious character – Su She – a man who left the Lan clan and started his own and is a suspected supporter of Meng Yao.

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Wei Wuxian starts talking to Su She who is quite adamant when he is speaking. But once the questioning is over he is revealed to be the masked man that has been attacking our duo in the past episodes. Realising he is about to be caught he pulls up a trick and literally vanishes into thin air. It’s at this point that Wei Wuxian reveals that Xue Yang has in fact forged another Stygian Tiger Amulet and the Su She may be using its powers – much to the shock of all the cultivators assembled there.

The duo along with Wen Ning then fights the zombies and brings all the cultivators to safety.

Wen Ning approches Lan Zing Zui as he feels that he is in fact the little boy who lived with them in the burial grounds – Ah Yuang. I think he is too because in some earlier episodes he was shown to be staring at the butterfly toys a little too earnestly and the young Ah Yuang was also a big fan of those toys – so you see the connection there. Jin Ling however steps up, angry and wanting revenge against Wen Ning for the death of his parents – but just ends up crying.

Jjang Cheng intervenes and then kind of rudely invites but not invites our duo and Wen Ning to Lotus Pier not wanting to be dude after the duo saved them all from zombies.

That night as all the clans are dining and talking together – two women enter. One of them used to be a prostitute. She mentions how difficult it was for her to get work as her face was scarred, which meant she would take up nay job she could. One such day she and many other women were asked to come to a place by none other than Meng Yao. He forced the women onto the clan leader Jin even up to a point he died and he even forced the women onto his corpse. He was angry that his ways with women led to him suffering the same as he was never considered noble and his mother was insulted always. Before we could recover from this, the second woman reveals herself. She was the maid of Meng Yao’s now late wife. Meng Yao had fostered a love fir his now late wife a long time and was gathering the permission to marry her when he finds out that she is in fact his half sister, that too due to his father’s way with women. Distraught, shocked and angry at how his father’s actions affect his life, he still married his wife.

Takeaways from the episode

I expected some dark secrets from Meng Yao and a big reveal that he is the villian but I didn’t expect that he would go to such lengths. I was taken aback for a minute as I heard both stories and as much as I despise him, I also feel bad for him. The circumstances and the people and the circumstances ruined his life in every way possible that he was undeniably filled with resent. Well, let’s see what the other clan members think in the next recap!

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